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dir. Saskia Rowlands

Same People is a documentary which explores the lack of disability representation within the fashion industry. Featuring activists, icons and educators, Same People is a film about the social fragility of the disabled body within an industry obsessed with perfection, but ultimately, is a call to arms about the power of clothing to change people’s lives.


dir. Julius Valskys

Wheelchair-bound Betty is far removed from the active lifestyle of her younger years. In large part due to her chronic disease, she does not see any worth in living any longer. Doug wants to respect his mother's last wish, but is it worth the personal cost?

FEED (2021)

dir. Alex Bourne

A desperate young man struggles with his inner demons in this dark psychological thriller.


dir. Anita Pico

A young guy named Jerry is abruptly brought in for questioning. He finds himself in a white room, where he must confront his interrogator playing a chess game. As time passes and the pieces move, Jerry realizes he must face his worst enemy: the truth that keeps hunting him.


dir. Laura Schliep

A girl is waiting at a bistro for an old friend she hasn't seen in a long time. She is thinking about what she is going to say.

Sehnsucht is a poetry film about friendship. We meet people in our life who become important to us. But sometimes we drift apart and friends become strangers again. This film is about lost friends, desire, and loneliness.

SANKOFA (2020)

dir. Ruth Holder

Black Words Matter is a project created by the Birmingham Young Filmmakers Network, which has seen members (aged 16-21 years old) collaborating with local poets to create short films inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Sankofa is a short poetry film written and performed by the artist Ivana.